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Born out of a need for justice and equality. The Bahamas Taxi Cab Union established itself in 1940, with only a handful of Taxi drivers who felt that they were not receiving equal opportunity in the Transportation business compared to other Tour companies, thus the struggle began.


Many of the Taxi drivers (owners) came together, pooled their resources and with determination, were able to gain the Social political and economic equality we enjoy today.


The union in 1977 saw the wisdom of extending it services beyond just being in the Taxi business they felt that the little they had, it was time to expand their wings and cater to a wider and bigger variety of the tourist Industry.


A company known as Happy Tours was established where we continue to grow and remained committed to our simple yet lofty civil and business ideals.


During the 1970’s when OPEC prices at war which saw increases in many things especially gasoline and living in general, then the President and CEO who understood wholesale travel, coupled himself with many business contracts and moved our organization forward. More business was attracted opening the way for international business expansion.


Happy Tours continue to operate through its Parent company, Bahamas Taxi Cab Union and is pleased to say that all cruise ship visiting our port, in Nassau, calls on our company to its business throughout the Island.


Wholesale Travel continue to be apart of our business, nothing too big we cant handle and nothing too small we wont do.

Happy Tours operates as the name it uses. We assure you, that the moment you enter the Bahamas we make you happy. We assured that you will return and tell someone else about  your experience.

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